Athol Road was very lucky to have been invited to present our donation live on camera at the 2018 Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. Vinh, Therese, Yaasin, Emily, Felix and Julie were so excited to be the 6 students who would represent the ARPS community. They journeyed into the city with Mrs Keech and Miss Meade and waited patiently at Polly Woodside for the Channel 7 camera crew to meet them. There were a number of other schools there, each student as nervous and excited as the next for this special opportunity.

While they waited, everyone was so amazed at the number of movie characters who were roaming the grounds. Throughout the day our group was lucky enough to get a photo with Storm Troopers, Mary Poppins and Bert the chimney sweep, Batman, the Joker and Harley Quinn and even a Ghostbuster!! When the cameras came out, Therese did a fabulous job representing our group. In her best School Captain’s voice she told everyone that the school had raised $3 319.45 – an incredible effort by the ARPS community. Students looked stunning in their ARPS uniform, standing out in the crowd and looking like little celebrities.

After our work was done, it was time to have a bit of fun! The City of Melbourne holds the Kids Day Out at the Convention Centre each year to raise more money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. This year 80,000 people attended! To start the fun, the group decided to check out the inflatable playground, choosing to take on “Wipeout”.

There were so many other things to do – arts and craft, ice skating, indoor sports. Woolworths provided an abundance of fresh food, the students were very lucky to have been given buckets of popcorn to munch on as they continued exploring. As they weaved through the crowds, they were so lucky to bump into a celebrity. Stephen K Amos, the famous comedian, happily posed with our ARPS superstars! He even gave Yaasin a high-five!

One of the highlights for everyone was the classic car display. There were so many vintage cars and motorcycles, even a Therese sized army tank! Students had their photos taken on a motorbike and were given the opportunity to sit in one of the beautiful vintage cars on display.

The Kids Day Out was such a great opportunity for our students, they made so many memories that they will remember forever. All the money raised on the day also went to the Royal Children’s Hospital, the grand total this year was over $18 million!! $18 043 251 to be exact! Amazing!!