On Monday September 17th  a group of Year 5-6 students visited the Government House of Victoria. They made lanterns representing the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The students left the school at around 2:45 pm with Miss Davis, Mrs. Keech and Mr. Holden. They made their way to Government House, filled with excitement and curiosity, Lauren explained, “It was really cool and unexpected. I enjoyed making the lanterns.” The students made magnificent lanterns that represented the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrating diversity and inclusion. They had a short tour around the Government House, followed by a parade and a group photo at the end.

The students were also provided with light refreshments including mooncakes, sandwiches and some juice. “I enjoyed the food! Haha, although it was EXTREMELY fun making the lanterns because we got creative and having a parade was really nice!” Jenny added cheerfully.

“It was a wonderful experience and pretty extraordinary. It was really nice when we participated in the cultural event and meeting the Governor of Victoria” Mr. Holden commented. The teachers and students and teachers had a great time at Government House.

By Tamanna S [Year 6] and Jessica T [Year 5]