Athol Road Primary School

An Innovative Personalised Learning K-6 School:


Our vision is to create a vibrant learning community where lives are transformed and individuals inspired to achieve beyond what they ever believed possible.


Athol Road Primary School is part of a diverse, multi-cultural community where over 85% of our students speak a language other than English at home. Over the past few years the school has worked diligently to transform Athol Road Primary School into a professional learning community – where improving student learning is at the heart of every decision made.

COVIDSafe measures at school

Athol Road Primary School is committed to making every effort to ensure staff and students are safe and the school remains open. In addition to social distancing and hand hygiene, other measures includes :


Masks are mandatory for Year 3 and above (unless medically exempt). Masks are strongly encouraged for younger students.


Staff and students are not to attend school with COVID-19 symptoms – students who are unwell are sent home from school.


All staff are required to be triple vaccinated (unless medically exempt). Vaccinations are now available for all students from the age of 5 upwards.


Air purifiers are used in classrooms. Windows and doors are left open so fresh air is continually circulating throughout buildings.


All staff and students have been provided with rapid antigen tests, for use twice per week.


If a positive case has attended onsite, parents and staff are advised so they can monitor for symptoms. Isolation is not required unless a student has tested positive, or a member of their household has tested positive.

Respectful Relationships

Athol Road Primary School is a proud provider of the Department of Education’s Respectful Relationship initiative.

This initiative supports schools to promote and model respectful positive attitudes, and behaviours. It teaches our children how to build healthy relationship, resilience, and confidence.

The initiative forms part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to preventing violence against women and children. Research indicates that causes of family violence include rigid gender stereotypes and unequal power relationships between men and women. Teaching children the importance of developing relationships based on respect, trust and equality will help to change societal attitudes that can contribute to the likelihood of violence occurring.

The Respectful Relationship initiative recognises that schools can have a positive impact on students, families and the broader community through modelling values, behaviours and practices that promote equality and respect. The education program teaches students social and emotional resilience, problem solving, help seeking and positive gender relationships.

For more information on the Department of Education Respectful Relationship initiative go to

SunSmart Recognition:

Athol Road was recently recognised for its support and commitment to the SunSmart initiative.

Athol Road has been a supporter of the policies of SunSmart now for over 25 years.

Ministerial Order 870:

Managing the Risk of Child Abuse

Athol Road Primary School is committed to zero tolerance of child abuse; including physical violence, sexual offences, serious emotional or psychological abuse and serious neglect. It is our moral and legal responsibility to create a nurturing school environment where children and young people are respected, their voices are heard and they are safe and feel safe. All children, regardless of their gender, race, religious beliefs, age disability, sexual orientation, or family or social background have equal rights to protection from abuse.

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The school is pleased to inform you that we are now using the Sentral for Parents application.

Sentral for Parents is a 21st Century school communication app. It enables Athol Road Primary School to communicate with parents and carers – straight to your smartphone. We are able to send news, events, photos and newsletters so that you can be even more connected with your children’s learning at Athol Road. We can now send communications to specific individuals and year levels, so you will receive information specific to your child’s year as well as general news, events and updates that will go to everyone.

The school kindly asks that you download Sentral for Parents application from your device app store – register a free account then find and enter your Family/Student access key to register your child. You’ll receive all the information with a push notification – much like a text message directly to your device.

Sentral Web Portal

For more information CLICK HERE!

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