Child Abuse Protection Protocols

Ministerial Order 870:

Child Safe Standards – Managing the Risk of Child Abuse

Preventing child abuse needs to be embedded into our thinking, attitudes and practices. A cultural change will be required on many levels to ensure Athol Road Primary School continues in its development towards an organisational culture that protects children from abuse and reflects our commitment to child safety.
Child protection is a shared responsibility between all employees, workers, contractors, associates and members of the Athol Road Primary School parent/carer community. The safety and wellbeing of our students form a central and fundamental responsibility of our school and compliments our vision and RICH values of: Respect, Innovation, Community and High Expectations.

Athol Road Primary School is committed to zero tolerance of child abuse; including physical violence, sexual offences, serious emotional or psychological abuse and serious neglect. It is our moral and legal responsibility to create a nurturing school environment where children and young people are respected, their voices are heard and they are safe and feel safe. All children, regardless of their gender, race, religious beliefs, age disability, sexual orientation, or family or social background have equal rights to protection from abuse.

Athol Road Primary School affirms our commitment towards:

  • providing all children with positive and nurturing experiences, as well as our staff and volunteers
  • actively working towards listening to and empowering children
  • creating systems to protect children from abuse and will take all allegations and concerns seriously; having mechanisms in place to ensure consistency in line with school, DET and DHHS protocols
  • teaching children and young people the skills and knowledge to understand and maintain their personal safety and wellbeing
  • promoting cultural safety and safe learning environments for Aboriginal children, the disabled and children from culturally / linguistically diverse backgrounds

Athol Road Primary School commits to engaging with and listening to the views of parents and carers about our child-safety practice, policies and procedures.

Our school and School Council will be transparent in our decision-making with the wider school community [where it will not compromise the safety of children or young persons].

Additionally, we acknowledge the cultural diversity of students and families and being sensitive to how this may impact on student safety issues.