Mandarin @ ARPS:

The program provides our students with enriched cultural awareness of China and Chinese (Mandarin) speaking communities in Australia as well as the metalinguistic skills of learning another language. It also aligns with the school’s vision of ‘creating a vibrant learning community where lives are transformed and individuals inspired to achieve beyond what they ever believed possible.’

At ARPS, Mandarin is taught through a wide range of learning experiences with real-life purpose. These include:

  • music
  • dance and drama
  • reading and creating stories
  • language games
  • class discussions
  • hands-on real life experiences (making dumplings, using chop sticks, making red lucky signs, etc.)
  • use of digital learning tools (iPad Mandarin learning applications, videos, etc.)

Students will explore Mandarin through Pinyin (Chinese phonetic system and tones), practical daily greetings, numbers, colours, family members, expressing preferences, various Chinese traditional festivals (Chinese New Year, Sweet Dumpling Festival, Mid Moon Festival, Dragon Boat Festival), food and its meanings, my body and opposites.