Year 1/2 students participated in a Bully Zero incursion where they learnt to recognise different types of bullying, such as physical, verbal, social and cyber. They discussed how being bullied would make them feel eg. scared, unhappy, worried and mad. Finally, they practised being ‘mighty meerkats’, standing up tall and saying, “Please stop, I don’t like it”. This has talked about further during SEL sessions where students completed daisy chains, making pledges about how they will not be bullyies.

In Literacy, students have extended their focus on fairytales by participating in Reader’s Theatre, concentrating on reading fluently and using expression to sound like their chosen character, such as a harsh voice for the troll or a cheeky, confident voice for the gingerbread man. They selected props and carefully thought about how their character would move to engage their audience. All students practised hard and worked together well, listening to one another and taking it in turns to read their lines.