With a new year beginning, our school farm is back up and running. Over the last 2 weeks, the farm animals have been returning from their summer holiday. Our chickens and ducks returned before Australia Day in order to settle back into the enclosures. We now have 7 ducks and 13 chickens, with 8 of the chickens being from eggs that were hatched at school in Term 4 last year.

Our 2 alpacas came back with the chickens and ducks and have settled in well. I will soon be running a naming competition for them where you can put forward a new name suggestion for one or both of the alpacas.

Our newest arrivals to the farm are 2 young female sheep. Their names are Bubble (light coloured sheep) and Squeak (dark coloured sheep). They were both born just over 4 months ago and are happily settling in to their new paddocks. Bubble and Squeak will be part of our farm for Term 1 before heading back to their farm in Gippsland